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  • Learn how to invest in global markets

    Learn how to invest in global markets

    Risk Management and Market Exposure Tools

We are an independent Research firm specializing in high volatility markets that uses unique algorithms to anticipate large price movements. Our team is multidisciplinary and composed of mathematicians, physicists, economists and lawyers.  

Convex Research is an independent financial analysis firm specializing in volatile markets with over 20 years of international experience in the financial market.

  • Rigorous methodology

    Rigorous methodology

    It's the adequate method to perform in the crypto-coins market, far more appropriate than traditional fundamental, technical analysis and other approaches based on "guesses" and "hype".


  • Consistent gains

    Consistent gains

    Timing is key. Make sure you will always invest in moments of convexity, when volatility and uncertainty play in your advantage.



  • Powerful Insights

    Powerful Insights

    A research product that is based on a very complex analytical base but is presented in a very simple way and easy to digest.

  • Preservation of capital

    Preservation of capital

    We do not want to beat the market, but to evade its worst cracks to enjoy the returns it offers.


    Convex Research

    Convex Research

    Economic and financial analysis company, which has in its portfolio the reports Crypto Fragility Model (CFM) and VISA Stocks, as well as other proprietary models.

    Based on the ideas of Nassim Taleb, founder of Antifragile theory, Benoit Mandelbrot, father of fractal geometry, and on the sudies of the mathematician Edward O. Thorp, our business philosophy is based on the premise that to measure fragility and be prepared for rare and random events, called Black Swan, the past is highly insufficient.

    Our tools are constantly analyzing and mapping the current status of the system, that is, its current level of fragility, a layer that is above prices and volatility itself.

    Convex Research's mission is to provide analysis and information that enables investors to identify their convex exposure to markets. This way you can invest to have limited and visible losses and exponential gains, which ensures consistent medium term gains at all times in the market cycles.

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    Crypto Fragility Model

    Anticipate cryptocurrency movements.

    Proprietary model developed by economist Richard Rytenband that, with the use of Hydra artificial intelligence, collects and analyzes thousands of relevant ecosystem data from each crypto currency and calculates the fragility level in real time. Managing of risk exposure by traditional models such as fundamentals or technical analysis has not been working, whereas contrary to what these approaches presuppose, crypto currencies do not belong to a distribution where prices fluctuate close to the average, but to the so-called fat tail domain. This domain has as its main characteristic the occurrence of extreme and different events from the historical patterns, which makes the use of the past information highly insufficient for prognoses. The Crypto Fragility Model is the appropriate tool for those who want to invest in the crypto market and remain a consistent investor without losing a night's sleep.

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    VISA Stocks

    Make sure you are investing correctly in the Market Cycles

    VISA Stocks is a proprietary model specific to the stock market. Our tool uses an algorithm that extracts the very expression of economics and markets by analyzing various valuation metrics, leading economic indicators, sentiment indicators and price action. The signals we recommend allow you to strategically adjust your stock exposure, respecting market conditions, whether in a large upward or downward cycle. It is the right tool to make consistent gains and face every moment and mood of the market.


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